Friday, November 2, 2012

Rosy (Dreams can become Nightmares ) LibraryThing Giveaway

If you've never visited LibraryThing check it out. It's a great site for readers and writers. And there are always lots of giveaways.

I just posted a giveaway for 100 FREE copies of my new novel, Rosy (Dreams can become Nightmares) at LibraryThing on the Member Giveaway page. You have three weeks to sign up for copies. And there are plenty of other new books listed there too.

Here's my latest description for Rosy:

Small town girl, Sarah, dreams of finding love and fame in New York City, but following her dreams leads to a downward slide into the insanity of the late 1970s: nightclubs, sex, drugs, and violence ὰ la Magic Mike.

Desperate to dig herself out of debt, Sarah becomes pole dancer, Rosy Dreams. But the more money she makes, the darker her nightmare becomes as she sinks into a world where no one can be trusted—especially the men who claim to adore her.

As Sarah slips deeper into the underworld, she questions not only her dreams, but her sanity. She battles demons—imagined and real—fighting to survive the city’s brutality, fighting for her dreams, and ultimately fighting for her life.


DeirdreMSullivan said...

I can't wait to read this... And when is the 2nd book in the Agathon's Daughter series coming out?!

Suzanne Tyrpak said...

Hi Deirdre. I got sidetracked with Rosy. I'll be working on Priestess, Book 2 of Agathon's Daughter, after the holidays. I plan to bring it out in the late spring.

Sorry about the delay. Life!