Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rosy: A Novel is now on Audible--and I asked narrator Christy Lynn 5 Questions

It's difficult to express how exciting it is to listen to my story, Rosy: a novel, brought to life by narrator Christy Lynn. She did a wonderful job with all the characters--male and female. I hope you give it a listen. Listen to a sample at Audible. If you're new to Audible, you can get the book for FREE.

Christy was recently one of thirty narrators chosen by Audible/ACX to attend a talent event! She is really terrific. Contact Christy Lynn at Christy Lynn Voice Overs 

Meanwhile, Christy has been kind enough to answer 5 Questions:

1) Christy, you’re not only a wonderful narrator, you’re great at creating different voices. How do you come up with a voice?  
Thanks so much!  Well, to come up with a voice for a character I usually think about how they might look, walk, carry themselves.  If they maybe have a tick or some habit to them.  I watch a ton of tv shows so a lot of times I'll be watching a show and I'll notice something about how a character sounds, then I'll use that for maybe a character in a book that I"m having trouble coming up with a voice for.
2) That's so interesting. I wonder what it's like to watch a movie with you! How did you get involved with Audible? 
A friend of mine also a VO talent, told me about ACX.  I had no idea it existed!  When I heard it was Audible and Amazon together I thought - well this is gonna be awesome!
3) Yes. Amazon is definitely ahead of the pack. I imagine, as we continue getting busier, more people will be listening to stories. How do you view the experience of listening to a story versus reading?  
For me there are good aspects of reading a book and listening to one.  Listening to one is definitely better if you need to be mobile.
4) Listening is great for older people too. My mom and dad listen to a lot of books--but I haven't told them about Rosy ... too personal! Does your acting career include other mediums like stage or screen? 
I was a total theatre geek in high school, lol.  I was in so many community shows outside of school that my high school voted me Thesbian of the Year!  I also studied at SUNY Purchase in NY for two years, it's kinda like the college version of the high school from the show Fame.
5) SUNY Purchase is a great school for theater! No wonder you really got Rosy! In your experience, what makes a great character? 
Good question!  Well hard to say exactly, but for me I think a great character is one who does something out of character.  A mob boss adopting a cat from a shelter or something like that.  Something that makes the reader/listener go "Wow, didn't see That coming!"
Christy Lynn ...or her cat?
                This is the only photo Christy Lynn would allow me to post ... 
no surprise that she likes mobsters who save cats!