Monday, December 23, 2013

Picking a Pseudonym...Suzanne Tyrpak aka Zané Sachs

After reading my new book, Sadie the Sadist, beta readers tell me I need to publish under a pseudonym.


Because the book is shockingly different from my historical fiction--and I don't want readers to keel over from heart attacks. Also, the book's setting is similar to my hometown and Sadie works at a supermarket that resembles my current workplace...and I don't want to b fired. Like Sadie, I need the insurance. to come up with a pseudonym. Believe it or not, there's actually a site that generates pseudonyms. Most are bizarre, in my opinion. For example, just now I generated: Arni Risdon, Marleen Goffman, and Maxy Zajac. Granted, I haven't heard those names before...but I wanted a name that has some relationship to me.

A long time ago, when I was acting in New York, I considered using the name Suzanna Sachs, because a well known actress had my name, Suzanne Peters. When I married, I took my husband's last name and became Suzanne Tyrpak--a good name for an author, I was told, because it's unusual and fits easily on a cover. Now, in search of yet another name, I turned back to Sachs.

But Suzanne Sachs sounds a bit too proper for Sadie the Sadist. A good friend of mine calls me Zany, so I thought of Zany Tyrpak or Zany Sachs. He suggested Zane Sachs, and I added an accent for: Zané Sachssounds like...Hahahahaha. Perfect for Sadie. 

Here's a cool post about 8 Famous Authors Who Use SECRET Pseudonyms. They include (famous name in bold):

Agatha Christie aka Mary Westmacott

Agatha Christie: Mary Westmacott
Benjamin Franklin: Mrs. Silence Dogood
C.S. Lewis: Clive Hamilton and N.W. Clerk
Isaac Asimov: Paul French
J.K. Rowling: Robert Galbraith
Michael Crichton: John Lange, Jeffery Hudson and Michael Douglas
Stephen King: Richard Bachman
Washington Irving: Jonathan Oldstyle, Diedrich Knickerbocker and Geoffrey Crayon

I'd love to hear comments about your pseudonym, or pseudonyms of other writers.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Historical Fiction Sale

Historical Fiction Authors Cooperative (HFAC) is an international group of authors offering readers a selection of high-quality historical fiction e-books from many different time periods. Sign up to receive interesting articles and news from our authors.

This holiday season many HFAC authors are offering FREE ebooks when you purchase beautiful print editions of the books through Amazon's Matchbook program. This is a great opportunity to buy books as gifts and receive an electronic version at no charge. 

Ancient World
Elizabeth Storrs
Rebecca Lochlann
Suzanne Tyrpak
Martha Marks

N. Gemini Sasson
Sarah Woodbury
I.J. Parker

Early Modern World
Suzanne Alleyn
Karin Perkins
Suzanne Adair

Modern World
V.R. Christensen
Meg North
David Gaughran
M. Louisa Locke