Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back from Turkey

The Spice Market
I returned from Turkey right before all the unrest. While there, I experienced an amazing country filled with history and seemingly endless resources. My trip began in Istanbul, a cosmopolitan city reminiscent of New York, London, Paris--with an eastern twist: the spires of mosques rising from the skyline, unexpected bazaars tucked into alleyways, palaces and art, great little outdoor cafes where you might enjoy a cup of tea or smoke a hookah.

Here are a few of my photos:


Istanbul is a city that spans two continents: Europe and Asia. It's possible to walk across a bridge from one continent to the other.
Crossing from Asia to Europe

Ceiling in the Grand Bazaar

Rich merchants would band together at caravan stops
on the silk road--and find protection from outlaws like
Ali Baba and his thieves.
The Spice Market and the Grand Bazaar are amazing marketplaces. Haggling is a must--especially at the Grand Bazaar. I did most of my shopping outside of Istanbul, because I felt overwhelmed by the intensity of bargaining in the big city.
Where the camels stayed

Caves of early Christians

Before the Roman Emperor, Constantine, 
declared Christianity the official religion, early
Christians lived in fear, hiding in caves carved 
out of tufa, like those above in Cappadocia. They
also dug tunnels--some ten stories deep. 

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