Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Waiting in DIA -- flying standby to New York

Hooray! After my travel haitus (due to the foot injury), I'm back to flying. Traveling space-available as an airline employee can be a challenge--especially during the holidays. Right now I'm sitting in the Denver airport, hoping to get on either a United or a Frontier flight. One departs at 10:40am, the other at 10:45am, and they're in different concourses. Actually neither airplane really has seats so someone will have to miss the flight for me to get on. It's a juggling act, but the Thanksgiving crowds begin to thin this afternoon so I should get out sometime today. Left my house at 5am and will probably get to New York sometime tonight.

It's always an adventure! Wish me luck!

Here's a photo of DIA from the outside. The tent design mirrors the Rocky Mountains.


DIA at sunset

And here's where I'm trying to go:

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