Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hetaera: Book One of Agathon's Daughter -- the Cover Unveiled!

Jeroen ten Berge has done it again! He's created an amazing cover for my new historical suspense novel, Hetaera.  Hetaera is Book One of the Agathon's Daughter trilogy and it will be coming out in December. I love Jeroen's design. It's simple and evocative. The design is modern, yet it relays a sense of history. 

I'll be using two versions: one with lighter lettering for a thumbnail and one with gold lettering for the download. 

Light letters

Gold letters

Here's a description of the book:

Hetaera—suspense in ancient Athens, is Book One of the Agathon’s Daughter Trilogy. Born a bastard and a slave, Hestia has a gift: the power to read people’s hearts. And yet, the secrets of her own heart remain a mystery. Hestia’s keen intellect makes her a match for any man. But even a literate slave has little control over destiny. Sold to a prominent statesman with sadistic tendencies, Hestia becomes his hetaera (consort). As her wealth and fame increase so does Hestia’s despair. She dreams of freedom, but she faces enemies at every turn. When Hestia is accused of murder the mystery of her past unravels.


Hunter F. Goss said...

Great cover! Jeroen seems to really have a fantastic touch for historical novels.

Hope you sell about a million, too.

Suzanne Tyrpak said...

Hi Hunter, Thanks for stopping by! I love Jeroen's covers.