Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rabbit's Eulogy Accepted for Pink Snowbunnies in Hell Flash-Fiction Anthology

I'm happy to announce that Rabbit's Eulogy will be appearing in a new flash-fiction anthology, Pink Snowbunnies in Hell.

 Debora Geary, who's made a stellar rise as an indie writer with her nibbles and her novel, A Modern Witch, dreamed up the anthology, and all proceeds will benefit a worthy cause. I'll let you know which one soon, but I believe it will benefit animals, and, perhaps rabbits specifically.

Pink Snowbunnies in Hell is bound to be a lot of fun. Forty writers from Kindleboards will have stories included in the collection. I'll keep you posted!

Here's a list of the writers who will be included:

Stories to be included in the anthology (alphabetical by author first name for now, I'll figure out the order shortly):

* Wedding Heaven, Ltd - A.J.. Braithwaite
* One Wrong Turn Deserves Another - Asher MacDonald
* Careful What You Wish For - Barbra Annino
* Revenge of the Peeps - Camille LaGuire (oy, sorry about the previous misspelling, Camille!)
Love in a Time of Bunnies - Coral Moore
* A Gift for a Very Special Girl - Debora Geary
* It Finally Happens... - Heather Marie Adkins
Pink Snowbunnies are the New Pink Ribbon - Jimi Ripley-Black
* No Title (need to fix that, Julie!) - Julie Christensen
Untitled Poem (need to fix that, Molly!) - Molly Black
* Wingman - Nathan Lowell
* Of Demons and Bunnies - Nichole Chase
The Bunni and the Bird - Penelope Cunningham
The Recession is Hell - Randi M. Kosiewska-Short
Don't Mess with the Meadow - Rex Jameson
When - Robin Reed
Marissa's Tattoo - Steve Silkin
The Taste of Pink Snow - Susan Helene Gottfried
Eulogy - Suzanne Tyrpak
* Domestic Disturbance - T.L. Haddix

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