Thursday, May 5, 2011

Short Story Month--Free Stories Everywhere!

It's short story month, and today I've got my flash fiction story, A Tiny Romance, posted on Alain Gomez's blog Book Brouhaha. It's part of the Dating My Vibrator (and other true fiction) collection, but you won't get it in a sample, so please check it out. And yes, sadly, it's taken from my life. Alain's blog is the perfect hang-out for short story lovers. 

Another great hang-out is Chuck Heintzelman's blog. Chuck's place is a constant source of short stories, and in celebration of short story month, he's posting other writers' stories throughout the month of May. My story, Ghost Plane, is up today. Ghost Plane was first published in CrimeSpree Magazine and it will be included in the new collection of short stories that I plan to publish this fall: Ghost Plane and Other Disturbing Tales.

Short stories are the perfect snack for hungry readers--perfect for reading on your phone, riding the subway, walking in traffic--especially flash fiction, because chances are you won't have time to get hit by a truck. Check them out!

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