Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Endings--I Love Them

If you read my last post, about the negative review which gave away the ending of my novel, Vestal Virgin, I want to let you know that this story has a HAPPY ENDING!

I reread the other author's initial email, and it sounded so friendly that I felt perplexed. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I wrote to her and mentioned that I felt disappointed about her husband's negative reaction to my book. I also mentioned that the spoiler review (revealing the book's ending) disturbed me much more than the negative review, which, of course, he's entitled to give. 

Wonderfully, I heard back from the author. Apparently, she had no idea that her husband had reviewed my book--and she apologized for the spoiler. Not only that, but we plan to stay in touch.

Now that's a happy ending.

The moral of the story: don't jump to conclusions.

P.S. It's probably best not to write reviews for the books of your spouse (looks unprofessional) and steer away from writing reviews (especially nasty reviews) for direct competitors. 

P.P.S. NEVER SPOIL A STORY FOR OTHER READERS in a review--and, if you feel compelled to post a spoiler (I don't really understand why that would be necessary), please include a warning.


J. E. Medrick said...

I'm glad it appears to be ending well! Lucky it was just a random set of coincidences!

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Suzanne Tyrpak said...

Yes J.E. -- I'm glad it's all working out. Funny, since the husband's complaint about my ending has to do with coincidence. Actually, though, one incident leads to another, in my my book's ending--and a lot of it is based on historical fact!

markwilliamsinternational.com said...

One of the great things about Amazon is they respond swiftly to author complaints about malicious reviews and spoilers.

But a lovely ending in your case, and perhaps the start of a great new friendship.