Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sleeping in Airports--My Life as a Zombie

I spend a lot of time in airports. In fact, I work for an airline. Airports are a great place to study people, especially at night. My flight, last night, was supposed to leave Denver at 12:50am, but it was delayed an hour. Consequently, the plane didn't leave until 2am. Strange things happen when people travel at that hour. Some people try to maintain dignity, others simply lose it--most of us were near to zombies. Personally, I inflated my pillow and stretched out on the floor. But, I've slept in a lot of airports.



Once, I spent two nights in the Maui airport. I've slept in DIA, SFO, ORD, Frankfort, Cairo... airports at night are kind of creepy. Especially after the last flight has left.

I'm writing a short story about zombies and airports.

Getting up at 3am, working at 4am--there's a reason it's called graveyard. Even the deer seem half asleep as they step in front of my car, when I drive to work, as if they're ready to commit suicide. Everything is zombified.


J. E. Medrick said...

I missed the last train going home when I lived in Japan. I slept in the subway station 0.o

YA: Cheat, Liar
Adult: Shackled

Suzanne Tyrpak said...

A subway station. Bummer. I slept in the New Haven bus station once--not a pretty picture. LOL

Barbara Silkstone said...

Suzanne, I think I just discovered your blog. Don't know how I missed it. Love what I'm reading. Following now! Hugs!

Suzanne Tyrpak said...

Thanks Barbara! Welcome!