Thursday, December 30, 2010

Today's Frugal Kindle Book Pick on The Kindle Reader

Vestal Virgin is the featured as the The Frugal Kindle Book Pick today on The Kindle Reader blog. The Kindle Reader offers information on eBooks, interviews with writers, and is a great source for readers and writers. Please check it out.

Also the first annual Red Adept's Annual Indie Awards is up on Red Adept's blog. Red Adept is the top Indie reviewer and her word is golden. Make sure you check out her site.

An update on my campaign: In the past week I've sold about 350 books. Not a landslide, but very good for me. And Vestal Virgin has even made it to number one or two in several Amazon categories. So, yes, all my promotional efforts have paid off--boosted by the holiday rush. I'm hoping for a longterm effect too.

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