Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Claire Farrel's list of Indie Books for 2010

Writer, Claire Farrell, has a great blog : Doing It Write Now. And she just put together a 2010 list of Indie Books she recommends. Yes, she included  Dating My Vibrator (and other true fiction). Anyway, check out her list for all kinds of good Indie Books.

 If you don't have a Kindle or some kind of eReader yet, you are really missing out. In the past month, since I got my Kindle, I have become a complete convert. Yes, I actually prefer reading on the Kindle now. And I am a person who has a wall of traditional books. Why do I love my Kindle? It's easier to read than a book--light weight and easy on my eyes; I can change the font size; I can store all kinds of books and read exactly what I feel like reading anytime, anywhere; I don't lose my place...and it's just so cool! Plus there are so many interesting books out by Indie writers that I would never have access to without my Kindle. And they are very inexpensive--often .99 cents to $2.99.

If you enjoy reading, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I love my Kindle!

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