Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ups and Downs in ePublishing

Dating My Vibrator (and other true fiction) has had a stellar week in sales thanks to a lot of help from fellow bloggers. Joe Konrath listed a fellow Kindle Boarders on his blog and that was picked up by Kindle Nation Daily. And the book was also featured on The Frugal eReader, a great site for finding deals on eBooks. Plus my eulogy for Rabbit was the winner for week one of Red Adept's Eulogy Contest.

Whew! What a week. Thanks to everyone!

The result has been: I've sold three times as many books in a week than I usually sell in a month.

At one book the book was ranked 1350 (out of 400,000) in the Kindleboards, showed up as #13 in short stories on Kindle, and #38 in short stories in all of Amazon.

So, I'm plugging away. Collaboration and networking are everything--especially if you're self-promoting a book. 

Just finished my rewrite and proof of Vestal Virgin -- it's out with readers and will be formatted at the end of the month. I'll keep you posted.


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Steve said...

i saw Joe's indorsement. Congrats.