Tuesday, March 4, 2014

News for the Ancient World

Today I added a new page to my blog: Ancient News. Here you'll find postings regarding the latest archaeological findings, events, films, and exhibits--about the ancient world. Thanks for time traveling with me.

March 4, 2014

Last week I rushed out to see the new film, Pompeii, in 3D. They did great research, and I felt like I'd been thrust back through time to the fateful last day when the volcano exploded. 

Watch the trailer:

Yesterday, Pompeii made the news in real time. The walls of the ancient city are crumbling due to rain. Read this article and learn some interesting facts. For example: Pompeii restaurants served giraffe. 


Other ancient news of interest:

An ancient gladiator school has been discovered in Austria. 

The unearthed complex includes cell blocks, a training area, and bath complex. Read more about it here.

The archaeologists constructed a 3D model of the school, and created this video.

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