Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Writers' Journal: psyching myself into the next book

My days of procrastination are almost over. The holidays are in past tense, and my job at the airport drops to part-time on Monday--so I have no more excuses: It's time to sit down and write. Time to get onto a schedule. Time to stop watching back-to-back episodes of Cake Boss.

I wake up thinking/dreaming about how I will begin Priestess. That's a good sign. 

Another good sign: I've been reading novels. Reading stirs my imagination and makes me want to write. For months, I've been so busy at work that I can hardly think, and I've had no time to allow my imagination to wander

Even though I may have to scrimp, I'm looking forward to having time to write, to create the story, steep my mind in the minds of my characters, lose myself in another time and place. Time to dream is mandatory...but I can no longer procrastinate.




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